Dissident Apparel


Dissident Apparel is committed to enabling those in the Dissident spheres with opportunities to expand their brands. 

We provide apparel services as a platform, and are open to all sorts of customization, 
both public & private.

Interested in joining as a creator?
Have small-scale demand?

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For any and all inquiries regarding customer support, please email us at 

[email protected]

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For All Orders & General Inquiries to DISSIDENT APPAREL

Support (All things Dissident Apparel) (Call / Text): (302) 701-2288


PO Box 1479, Spotsylvania, VA 22553-1479


Dissident Apparel is owned by 10th Star Clothing LLC, located at 
9003 Chancery Ct, Spotsylvania, VA 22553
10th Star LLC Support: (540) 841-5881